Our Property

Type A1 / A1a -
1 Storey Detached Factory with 1 Storey Production Space and 1 Storey Office Space

The A1 detached factories feature a striking contemporary façade, ideal for business owners that seek an attractive corporate image. It also features a spacious showroom, while the layout is both practical and highly functional, making it ideal for a wide-variety of industries.

Building Specifications

  Type A1 Type A1a
Land Area 34 m x 44.75 m 32 m x 43 m
Built-up Area 12,358.18 sq.ft. 10,883.31 sq.ft.
Floor Loading Capacity

- Ground Floor (Production): 20kN/m2

- 1st Floor (Production): 10kN/m2

- 2nd Floor (Office): 4kN/m2            

Floor to Floor Height 3.5 m – 6m (clearance 14 m ground floor)
Electricity Provision 400 amp
Vertical Transport Hoist: 1 no